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Welcome to Limestone

About Limestone

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Welcome to our town. We're glad you're here! Limestone Maine is located in Aroostook county. Half of the town's approximate 25,000 acres is farmland, 39% is forest, and the remaining 13% is developed. There's a small-town feel here with friendly, welcoming people. We hope you find all the information you need here to acclimate to our town, but if you have questions, message us or call (207) 325-4025.

Limestone Maine

The way life should be! Bordered by New Brunswick, Canada, and the beautiful St. John Valley, Limestone is strikingly scenic with outstanding year-round recreational opportunities. We are a short distance from two hospitals, three colleges and the Northern Maine Regional Airport. Limestone is small but diverse in its opportunities and potential. From the Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM) to the Loring Commerce Centre, the Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge and our abundant farms, Limestone offers so much yet retains the charm of its agricultural roots.


Limestone is a small piece of agricultural America. It has earned the reputation as “The Home of the World’s Best Potatoes.” Limestone has many places of interest as well as fun events through out the year. For the outdoor enthusiast, there is hiking, canoeing, kayaking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, biking, fishing and swimming. Limestone also boasts snowmobile trails that are recognized as a top destination – the Arch Hangar and Border Trail and provide direct access to the International Trail System (ITS#83). During the warmer months enjoy the miles of ATV trails and beauty of Aroostook County during summer and into fall. The community pond, park and playground area is a unique downtown recreation center for families that includes baseball and softball fields, basketball, tennis and pickleball courts, and a picnic area.


For the historian, the Limestone-Caswell Historical Museum, Church of the Advent and Loring Air Museum at the Loring Commerce Centre are interesting stops. The Loring Commerce Centre which was established on the former Loring Air Force Base in 1994 has the iconic Arch Hangar, and nearby Green4Maine buildings and the Bunker Inn.


The highlight of each year is the Annual 4th of July Celebration. Many of our community organizations participate in the week-long event, but the apex is the July 3rd street dance and fireworks, and the parade on the fourth. Limestone also regularly hosts a winter fun day, harvest events, and an annual light parade during the Christmas season.


Besides the myriad of recreational activities, education in Limestone is unique. Limestone provides unique educational opportunities with the Limestone Community School (grades pre-K - 8), as well the Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM). The MSSM is a state chartered residential school which provides a unique educational experience for high school students. The Loring Job Corps provides an excellent opportunity for students to obtain their GED and to receive vocational and technical training with certification and upon completion.

The Town of Limestone

The Town of Limestone operates under a Town Meeting-Select Board-Manager form of government. Under this system, the Select Board is the Town's chief elected body and serves the role of the Executive function of the government. The Town Meeting serves as the Legislative body, giving final approval to budgets, most ordinances, and other approvals typical of a legislature. The Town Meeting is convened by either the Select Board members or by citizen petition, and must meet at least once per year at the Annual Town Meeting. The Select Board's role and function is similar to that of a Council, Board of Aldermen, or Board of Commissioners, except it does not have legislative authority. However, the Select Board is given some functions specified in State Law for which it is solely the final authority in charge.

Day-to-day administrative operations and other Town functions and services are provided by the Town Administrative staff and are directly overseen by the Department Heads and Town Manager. The Town has a Department of Public Works, a Volunteer Fire Department, Recreation Department, and Town Library (Frost Memorial Library). The Town also has a water and sewer treatment facility for the central part of Town. This is a quasi-municipal district that has its own governing board of trustees and administration. Limestone was recently awarded the best-tasting water in the state!

Town Office

93 Main St

Limestone, ME 04750

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 8 AM - 4:00 PM

 (207) 325-4704

Town Government and Services
Town Office

Local Attractions

The local attractions in red are also members of the Limestone Chamber of Commerce.

Local Attractions

Community Organizations

The community organizations in red are also members of the Limestone Chamber

of Commerce.

Community Organizations


Educational opportunities in Limestone are unique.

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Limestone Community School

93 High St

(207) 325-4700

The Limestone Community School (LCS) is in an independent school district. LCS provides comprehensive general education for all Limestone residents grades Pre-K to 8. Currently, High School students may choose to attend either Caribou High School or Fort Fairfield High School for their secondary education.

four penguins with text: MSSM Maine School of Science and Mathematics
Maine School of Science and Mathematics

95 High St

(207) 325-3303

The Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM), a residential magnet school, opened its doors in 1995. Since then, MSSM provides a rigorous program of study to some of Maine's most motivated and capable students. A memorandum of understanding between post-secondary institutions permit MSSM graduates to obtain dual diplomas and as much as two years of college credit. The deadline to submit an application for selection is February 1.

Loring Job Corps Center

36 Montana Rd

(207) 328-4702

Job Corps is a no-cost education and career technical training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16 through 24 improve their quality of life through career, technical and academic training. The Job Corps program is authorized by Title I-C of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 201 (supercedes WIA 1998). Loring Job Corps Center provides an excellent opportunity for students to obtain their GED, and to received vocational and technical training with certification upon completion.

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