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Welcome to our blog: the Limestone Luminary

Welcome to the Limestone Luminary – our town's very first blog. The plan is to keep it light and right!

crowd at an event with strobe lights illuminating a Limestone Chamber of Commerce sign
The Limestone Luminary shines a spotlight on the people and businesses in Limestone, Maine

Our blog will shine a spotlight on the people and businesses of Limestone, Maine. We're excited to share our town with the world and to tell you about life in northern Aroostook county.

The Limestone Luminary will feature upcoming events

solar eclipse
solar eclipse

What better way to kick off our first Limestone Luminary blog than to tell you about the upcoming solar eclipse! Believe it or not, our community is in the path of totality, which means we are the place to be! With all the excitement around the eclipse, Limestone is gearing up with lots of things to do as we celebrate this rare event! The schedule of events has something for everyone!

The next solar eclipse will be in 20 years and not visible in Maine. This is our chance to witness one of the world’s natural wonders. Grab your eclipse glasses and join us from 11-5pm at the Star Park on April 8, 2024 – the partial eclipse starts at 2:22:36pm in Limestone with the total eclipse at 3:32:41pm, for an entire 2min 8sec of totality!

It promises to bring a surreal silence and a night-like darkness for those little over 2min–an awe-inspiring experience. Join us for an unforgettable afternoon at the Arch Hangar, 93 Arizona Rd. next to the Star Park.

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